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1. Is the Chuao plantation (Empresa Campesina de Chuao) 140 hectares or 200?

On the UNESCO website says it’s 200, the World IP Organisation says its 140.

2. Also, if the appellation covers the entire plantation, and Amedei does indeed have exclusive rights of the plantation, then the Chuao name (denoting the appellation that the plantation applied for - assuming they only applied for their own plantation and not everyone else in the region called Chuao) should not be on any other brand.

Then why are there so many other Chuaos? And why aren’t they getting sued, like the early days of Champagne?

3. But wait, there’s more - the author of this webpage (recent?) who seems to have had a close relationship with the growers says the plantation supplies to Amedei and Praluz.


i. Chuao is the name of a region, in which the Chuao plantation is located. Other places within Chuao also produce crillo cacao.

ii. Beans from the Chuao plantation total 18-20 tons a year, as reported here.

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